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There are currently two ways to post announcements, newsletters, or similar content to the Manassas SDA Church website.     For all of these you must have a user account with the correct privileges and be logged in.

  1. Post a “Pastors Note” that will show up in a widget on the front page.    This widget posts the latest posts that are marked with the category “pastor’s note”.
    • First, verify that the pastor’s note widget is enabled.  It is sometimes disabled when there is no content.     If there is no widget with the latest announcement, it’s not enabled.
      • To enable, go to: (or navigate to “Appearance” and then “Widgets” in the admin screen.
      • Once there, select “wp-views” , choose “home sidebar” and then “add widget”
      • Once the widget is added, configure it by select the view “Pastor’s note”
      • Hit Save
    • Second, navigate to “Posts” then “Add New”
    • Enter your post, making sure to select “Pastor’s Note” as the category
    • Once you are done entering all the important information, click “publish”.   You can also schedule a post by clicking the “edit” link beside publish immediately and entering the time to publish.   Then click “Schedule”.
    • Voila, all done!
  2. Enter a link in the “Action Bar”.   This is the bar that normally says “Sharing Jesus, It’s all about Him”
    • Navigate to Appearance, Theme Options
    • Select the “Action Bar” Tab
    • Enter the Title, Link, and Button information — all fields are optional
    • Remember to come back and return this to the default “Sharing Jesus, It’s all about Him” once the information posted is old

If for some reason, some of the options don’t show up, you may not have the proper permissions, please contact the webmaster for added permissions.

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