Saved! That is God’s Plan

26 January, 2013

I Have a Dream!

19 January, 2013

The State of the Church

12 January, 2013
Strategic planning is a lot like making new years resolutions.  Before you begin planning for the future you first need to sit down and reflect on where you've been, where…

My New Year’s Commitment

5 January, 2013

Wouldn't it be great if there were one thing that would help me be a better employee, a better parent, a more faithful steward, more consistent with my commitments, more…

Perspectives of Christmas

22 December, 2012

You’re a Treasure

24 November, 2012

No Condemnation

17 November, 2012

A Time for Thanksgiving

10 November, 2012

Warning Signals & Disasters

3 November, 2012

What’s Your Status?

27 October, 2012
God has a customized plan for each of us to lead us home with Him.

The Call to Discipleship

13 October, 2012
This week as we ordain some of our Elders and Deacons we will also examine the call to discipleship. What is it Jesus is calling us to?

A Visit with Peter

6 October, 2012
I will be coming as the disciple Peter! The reason for his visit is to share how the Lord reached out to him where he was at! Using methods that…

Why Me?

29 September, 2012
Why is it that troubles sometimes hit us by the dump truck load? Is God punishing us?  Or teaching us?  Or is it just coincidence?
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