Manassas SDA Church Is Having All Services Today – Saturday 14 Dec.

Hello Church & Friends,

The good news is – while the weather is cold – it isn’t yucky!  YEAH!!!

It doesn’t look like we are getting much in the way of precipitation (at least as of yet). And it looks like the roads will be safe to travel…therefore we will be having all services at the church today.  However, if roads are not good in your area – please use your own judgement.

Thanks for checking in.  I hope to see you all at church today.

Don’t forget to bring some toppings for our hay stack fellowship luncheon.

And if you will be taking office in January, don’t forget our Leader Orientation Meeting this afternoon from 2PM – 4PM.
Happy Sabbath!

Pastor Randy

Original Post
Winter Weather Advisory – Friday 13 Dec.
Hello Church,

Don’t you just love the weather lately?

Well according to the forecast it could start snowing on Sabbath morning as early as 6AM.   So what to do?   Is the weatherman going to be right or wrong this time?

Well we are praying it holds off some…but here is the plan.

We will be listening to the weather and checking the weather and roads early in the morning and will make a call by 8:45AM as to what will happen.
Depending on the weather we may:
  * Go ahead as normal
  * Have a delayed start time  or  cancel Sabbath School
  * Cancel Sabbath School & Church (All services for the day – Orientation meeting included)
We will make the call at 8:45AM and try to get the word out to you soon after via:
   * e-mail – like this one
   * posting it to our Churches FaceBook Page
   * Posting it to our church web-site.
So please check your e-mail and FaceBook between 8:45 – 9:00 AM to know what is happening tomorrow.
It looks like the weather clears up on Sunday so things should be a go for the Memorial Service this Sunday @ 2:30PM for Evelyn George, Victoria Marbey’s mother which has been rescheduled from last Sunday to this Sunday, due to the inclement weather last week.  But we’ll keep you posted on that if the weather changes.
Blessings to everyone.  I hope to see you Sabbath morning.
Pastor Randy

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